Why You Should Do ECSE Design

For those who never heard of the ECSE course, it stands for Ekahau Certified Survey Engineer. The course intends to ensure you understand the fundamentals on WiFi THEN show you how to use Ekahau site survey software to design and validate WiFi networks. The ECSE course evolved with additional courses, with the ECSE Design course renamed from the original “ECSE”. The additional courses now available are ECSE Troubleshooting and ECSE Advanced. For more info head over to https://www.ekahau.com/training/

A few years back I wanted to do the ECSE Design course (back then it was called ECSE) however, it was not available in South Africa until 2018 when Keith Parsons came down and did a course in Johannesburg, but with my luck, it was the same year I moved to Australia! 

Luckily my management team here in Australia gave me the go-ahead to attend the course hence the reason for this post.

What I enjoyed about this course was the pace. Countless times I find myself at a technical training session where you just rush through the materials knowing if you don’t, you may not finish it.
With the ECSE Design course, there is that vibe where yes your instructor got a job to get you through the course materials but is also open for discussions and experiences you can share regarding design.
When it comes to design I think it’s soooo important to not be in a rushed mindset which I felt the ECSE course exactly tried to avoid.

So Why Should You Do ECSE Design? Well if you haven’t done any of the ECSE courses this is a great place to start. It’s also a great segway into CWNA should you be relatively fresh in the WiFi world.

But I’ve been doing surveys for YEARS with Ekahau, will I get any benefit out of this course? Oh yes, the segments the training course cover will be very familiar to you however there are a lot of finer pointers you will pick up. The other great thing about the course is that you can simply ask your instructor about a scenario you had issues with while using Ekahau. The Ekahau instructors have their own consulting businesses so they don’t only do training, they DO WiFi projects all over the globe and you can get some great insight of things they have learned.

Being experienced in the wireless field, you should go into this course as to “What I still don’t know” and re-evaluate if your approach on designing WiFi can be improved. I found this as a great opportunity to “recentre myself” 

What would the main benefit be from completing this course? If you are new to WiFi you would have learned a ton on understanding the fundamentals about WiFi and to put that in use designing WiFi networks. It will also give you clarity on what you want to study next.

For the experienced engineer, you will walk away knowing what you are doing right and what you can improve on. You may even consider doing the Ekahau Advanced course next (I know I will).

How updated is the course? Well let’s just put it this way, Ekahau version 10.1 was released just a few weeks before when I started the course and we covered all the new features including the new “Auto Pilot” feature introduced in version 10.1, another thing that is great about this course is that you will be brought up to speed anything new on Ekahau Pro.

Ok, so I’m super keen to do this course but how do I justify the cost to my Boss? The problem in the WiFi world is that management doesn’t always understand why they need to send you on a course that in their view is not mainstream since they don’t understand WiFi (they think they do). What I’ve found if you do explain to them this is not like a normal vendor cert boot camp you can tell them that the very first day the course is focused on fundamentals for WiFi and only from day two you will start to look at the Ekahau software. It also make sense to ensure you get the most out of a product that you probably use on a weekly if not daily basis.

Special thank you to Darko Raic and the rest of the Dicker Data team who hosted us in Sydney, they went out of their way to ensure we had REAL coffee and took us out to great places for lunch, very well organised.